Ghent University Postdoc Community



Do you know a postdoctoral researcher who has helped you with solving research questions, excels at managing projects, is a wonderful teacher, performs cutting-edge research, gives vibrant presentations or has a bubbly personality that contributes to the team spirit in your group?

Does this postdoc actually know how much you appreciate their work, personality and skills?

Well, here is your moment to share your appreciation!

The newly launched "Postdoc appreciation certificate" is an easy way to give a thoughtful, positive recognition to one (or more) of your postdoc co-workers and to honour their efforts to contribute to the goals of your team and university.

Any Ghent University staff member or student can submit a certificate to a postdoctoral researcher who demonstrates individual excellence. As a source of inspiration, different categories of excellence are listed below, and can be personalised.

So, do not wait any longer, and take 3 minutes to award a certificate to your colleague(s). After your approval, the certificate will be sent directly to your colleague.